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I am offering 5 Deluxe Editions to help cover additional paper and binding costs. The Deluxe Edition comes signed and dated with a postcard and limited edition 5x7 handmade silver gelatin print.
(My 5x7 prints start at $150 and increase by 25% every 3rd edition sold.)

somewhere between psychosis & neurosis is an ongoing series of self portraiture which began in 2007. shelbie began taking self portraits when she was removed from high school due to her families religious beliefs (fundamental jehovah’s witnesses.) it wasn’t until 2017, when shelbie was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder - spending a month in a treatment center - did she realize she had been photographing her illness and ex-communication all along. shelbie uses traditional analog techniques to emanate visceral emotions from the subconscious mind.

Limited Edition of 200.

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